Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago

portrait of Sabina Shaikh
portrait of Sabina Shaikh

Sabina Shaikh

Senior Instructional Professor
Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization (CEGU)
Committee on Southern Asian Studies
Director of Academic Programs, Director of Undergraduate Studies, CEGU
Faculty Director, Chicago Studies
Faculty co-Lead, Environmental Frontiers Initiative, Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation

My work at the University involves developing pedagogy and research experiences for undergraduate environmental studies. My own research focuses on the relationship of humans to environmental change, related to health, livelihoods and migration. Our collaborative research on water sustainability in the Mekong Basin of Cambodia has been funded by the National Science Foundation and recently by through the Center for International Social Science Research, Social Science Research Center and the Neubauer Collegium at the University of Chicago.


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News and events

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November 5, 2023. How Cities like Chicago Impact our Planet’s Health, Chicago Humanities Festival

February 2023: Interlocutor, The Profits of Distrust, by Manuel Teodoro, CEGU and Seminary Co-op Bookstore

October 2022: Moderator, Contemporary Environmental Crises: Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities, CEGU

June 2022; Interview, Cook County Desirable Destination Amid Climate Change, Chicago Tonight, WTTW

April 2022: Speaker, “Migration as Adaptation to Environmental Change”, DePaul Migration Collaborative Inaugural Immigration Summit: Strategies for a Migrant Planet

April 2022: Moderator, The Fire This Time: City Mayors Grapple with Climate Change Costs to Their Communities, Institute for Politics, UChicago

March 2022: Interlocutor, Troubling the Water: A Dying Lake and Vanishing World in Cambodia, by Abby Seiff, Seminary Coop

October 2021: Interview, The Future of Cities in a Post-COVID-19 World, Chicago Tonight, WTTW

July 2021: Interview, How Climate Change Impacts U.S. and Global Migration. Chicago Tonight, WTTW

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April 2021: The pandemic forced us to create habits that benefit the Earth and ourselves. Here’s which behaviors to keep. CNN

December 2021: From his home, Attenborough shows viewers a perfect planet. Chicago Tribune.



Shaikh, S. and E. Talen. Our Urban Future. MIT Press. Forthcoming 2023.

Becoming Urban: Understanding the Urban Transformation of Migrants to Phnom Penh, Neubauer Collegium, University of Chicago, University of Chicago 2020-2023

Becoming Urban: Understanding the Urban Transformation of Migrants to Phnom Penh, Center for International Social Science Research, University of Chicago. 2020-2021.

Economic, Social and Environmental Drivers of Rural to Urban Migration in the Lower Mekong River Basin of Cambodia. Social Science Research Center, University of Chicago 2018-2020



Economics and Environmental Policy (Autumn 2023)

Urban Design with Nature, co-taught with Emily Talen (Autumn 2023)

Environmental and Urban Studies BA Thesis Colloquium (Autumn 2022)

Water: Economics, Policy and Society

Urban Spaces and Unnatural Disasters: Humans-Nature Connections in Cities