Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago

Petitions & Forms

The Environmental and Urban Studies (ENST) major is only available to students who have already declared as of Spring 2023. All new major declarations will be in Environment, Geography and Urbanization (CEGU). The next major declaration cycle will be second week of Autumn 2023.

In order to be considered an Environmental and Urban Studies (ENST) major you must declare with the College, complete one of the following program course of study forms based on your track, and schedule a meeting with the Student Affairs Administrator or the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 


Major Course of Study Forms

Minor Course of Study Forms

BA Thesis Application Form

Internship Forms

General College Forms



Process for Petition and Form Submission

Students majoring or minoring in Environmental and Urban Studies (ENST) must complete all program requirements. Exceptions will be made only in extenuating circumstances and must be requested via the general College petition form↗.

All ENST program forms and petitions should be submitted here↗ and will be reviewed during the next scheduled quarterly review. Petitions will be returned within one week of each submission deadline.

The deadlines for all program petition submission each quarter are:

  • Friday of 2nd week by 11:59pm CT
  • Friday of 8th week by 11:59pm CT

No petitions will be reviewed outside of these windows.