Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago

May 10, 2022

Reading List: Environment, Democracy, and Social Movements

 by Hannah Wilson-Black

On April 21st, the CEGU Faculty Working Group held another in a series of virtual panel discussions—Environment, Democracy, and Social Movements, with Megan Black and Alyssa Battistoni. Time flies when you’re having fun, so if you missed the names, books, and articles the panelists mentioned, we have another handy reading list for those wanting to dive deeper. 

00:05:09 Lisa Wedeen is the author of three books, most recently Authoritarian Apprehensions: Ideology, Judgment, and Mourning in Syria (University of Chicago Press, 2019). 

00:06:10 Fredrik Albritton Jonsson has authored or co-authored two books, with a third, Scarcity: Economy and Nature in the Age of Capitalism, forthcoming (Harvard University Press, 2022). 

00:07:19 Alyssa Battistoni is the co-author of A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal(Verso Books, 2019).

00:09:27 Megan Black is the author of The Global Interior: Mineral Frontiers and American Power (Harvard University Press, 2018). 

00:17:28 Robyn Eckersley is the author of The Green State: Rethinking Democracy and Sovereignty(MIT Press, 2004)

00:22:13 William Olphus is an American political scientist and author. He contributed to the influential anthology Toward a Steady-state Economy (W.H. Freeman, 1973), writing alongside scholars such as E.F. Schumacher, Garrett Hardin, and C.S. Lewis. 

00:23:25 Kim Stanley Robinson is an American science fiction writer; The Ministry for the Future (Orbit, 2020) is his latest novel. 

00:23:55 James O’Connor (1930-2017) was a sociologist, economist, and founder of the ecosocialist journalCapitalism Nature Socialism

00:34:12 Victor Seow’s Carbon Technocracy: Energy Regimes in Modern East Asia was published earlier this year (University of Chicago Press, 2022). 

00:55:53 In 1988, NASA scientist James Hansen spoke to a U.S. Senate Committee about anthropogenic climate change. At the time, Hansen’s testimony was the most widely publicized scientific warning that had been delivered about climate change in the U.S.

01:04:42 Friends of the Earth is an NGO founded in 1969 with offices in Washington, D.C. and Berkeley, California. The Limits to Growth is a book co-authored by Dennis Meadows and published in 1972 which brought to the fore concerns about human economic and physical expansion.

01:17:04 David Treuer’s article “Return the National Parks to the Tribes” was published in The Atlantic in May 2021

01:17:52 Lydia Jennings is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Arizona studying soil health, mining policy, and Indigenous science.

01:18:10 The General Mining Law of 1972 can be found here.

01:25:32 Thea Riofrancos is a researcher and author from Providence College—and a panelist from our Energy Histories and Geographies event!

01:30:22 Kate Brown is a history of science professor at MIT and author of Dispatches from Dystopia: Histories of Places Not Yet Forgotten(University of Chicago Press, 2015).

01:31:44 In 1988, Cesar Chavez made his “Wrath of Grapes” speech urging the public to boycott California grapes to protest unethical labor practices

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