Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago


The Doctoral Certificate in Environment, Geography and Urbanization is intended to support advanced research, build intellectual community, and facilitate scholarly collaboration among doctoral students and faculty working in diverse fields of environmental social science and environmental humanities. Grounded in the regular meetings of the CEGU Colloquium as well as specialized doctoral coursework in environmental social science and environmental humanities, the CEGU Doctoral Certificate aims to contribute to the further development of innovative, interdisciplinary doctoral research in these areas.


The CEGU Doctoral Certificate is open to all full-time Ph.D. students in the Division of Social Sciences and the Division of Humanities at the University of Chicago. Students pursuing a Ph.D. in other Divisions or Schools at the University may also petition to pursue the certificate if they can demonstrate that the relevant requirements may be completed in conjunction with their program of doctoral study. Note: the certificate is available only to Ph.D. students and not open to MAPSS or MAPH students, or to students pursuing a non-doctoral professional degree elsewhere in the University.

Eligible students may indicate their intention to complete the CEGU Doctoral Certificate at any stage of their doctoral coursework (admissions are rolling). This should ideally occur prior to the start of their second year of study. The CEGU Doctoral Certificate provides proof of specialized knowledge and research capacity in environmental social science and environmental humanities.


Ph.D. students who are considering the CEGU Doctoral Certificate are strongly encouraged to consult their CEGU faculty advisor to discuss how the program fits into their more general course of doctoral study and Ph.D. research plans. Tess Conway, Student Affairs Administrator, is available to discuss certificate requirements and any administrative questions about the program. Ryan Cecil Jobson, Director of Doctoral Studies, is available to offer guidance on course selection and related issues, and to address more general questions about the CEGU Doctoral Certificate.

Students wishing to pursue the certificate should notify CEGU administration by filling out the form linked below. More information on how to track progress will be made available to interested students directly.

Interest Form, CEGU Doctoral Certificate