Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago

Internship / Field Study

The Environmental and Urban Studies (ENST) major is only available to students who have already declared as of Spring 2023. All new major declarations will be in Environment, Geography and Urbanization (CEGU). The next major declaration cycle will be second week of Autumn 2023.

Students are required to participate in an internship, field study or research assistantship with significant links to their program of study. Activities that fulfill the internship requirement include summer or academic year internships of varying lengths, research assistantships, fellowships or field studies with faculty or other academic staff, participation in working groups, completion of a Chicago Studies Quarter or the ENST Calumet Quarter, or other sustained engagements relating to the ENST program. Participation in recognized student organizations, while encouraged, do not count towards the internship requirement.

Students must complete the internship evaluation form prior to 2nd week of Spring Quarter in the year they plan to graduate.