Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago

CEGU Colloquium

The CEGU Colloquium is a collaborative cluster designed to facilitate a unique discussion on campus of climate change, its causes, and particular human agents, impacts and consequences for our future. All students, scholars and artists in the academic community are invited to submit any of their unpublished work in progress relevant to the environmental social sciences and humanities, broadly conceived. Our Colloquium is also designed to give PhD students who are pursuing CEGU’s Doctoral Certificate an opportunity to vet drafts of their work with an audience of both fellow specialists in their respective fields at UChicago and a broader network of environmentally oriented scholars and art practitioners, who we will host from outside the university.

Students pursuing the CEGU Doctoral Certificate are expected to participate regularly in the CEGU Colloquium. This should include, on at least one occasion, presentation of a major research paper (or a doctoral dissertation proposal) that is substantially related to the intellectual focus of CEGU.

In addition to presentations from students pursuing the CEGU Doctoral Certificate, we welcome submissions from others across The University of Chicago in a wide variety of formats and mediums, ranging from the peer-reviewed journal article to visual art pieces, lab findings to multi-media works. If you are unsure of whether your project is a good fit for our audience, please feel free to reach out to the graduate student coordinator, Carmine Morrow (carmine@uchicago.edu↗).

Submissions to present in Autumn Quarter are due September 24, 2023.

Submit Your Work↗ (Note: you must be signed into your UChicago Google account to access the form)