Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago


In order to qualify for the certificate, the following requirements must be completed:

Foundations Course

A graduate-level foundations course in socio-environmental theory taught by CEGU-affiliated faculty, chosen from a list of approved courses.↗

Others may also qualify (please inquire with the CEGU Chair or Director of Academic Programs about possible foundations courses not included in this list).

Additional Courses

Three additional courses in socio-environmental studies taught by CEGU-affiliated faculty—or cross-listed courses—chosen from a list of approved courses.↗ Students may also take additional Foundations courses referenced above.

Please reference the quarterly Graduate Courses pages for complete lists of relevant offerings.

Doctoral Dissertation or Major Research Paper

Completion of a doctoral dissertation or a major research paper that is substantially related to the intellectual focus of CEGU. Generally, one or more CEGU faculty will serve on the doctoral committee.

CEGU Colloquium

Active participation in the CEGU Colloquium (formerly the Environmental Studies Workshop). This should include, on at least one occasion, presentation of a major research paper (or a doctoral dissertation proposal) that is substantially related to the intellectual focus of CEGU.

Please note, all courses must be taken for a “quality grade,” i.e., not an R or a P. All courses may also be double counted towards both degree requirements and the CEGU Doctoral Certificate.

For more information or to meet with an advisor, please contact CEGU’s Student Affairs Administrator, Tess Conway. For a full checklist of Certificate requirements, please see this list.↗ To apply for the Certificate, please fill out this interest form.↗